"Dancing is far more than just beautiful movements. It's the language of the heart, of the soul expressed by the body."


A childhood characterized by gymnastics - Later combined with dance , influenced by parcour/ freerunning and  today expressed in artistic ways such as aerial silks, pole arts and aerial hoop/ lyra.

Throughout her life,  sport marks Alyssandra's way: She has graduated from a high school specialized on sports and is also a certificated fitness coach.

She was dancer at the the renowned "Theater an der Wien" and is often booked for musicvideos and as a dancer for musicians such as for e.g. Tara McDonalds.

sport skills: aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial chains, gymnastics, jazzdance, contemprorary, showdance, poledance, freerunning, parcour, skiing, snowboarding, horse riding, swimming,...