"Daring symphony. Velvet visions. Mesmerizing charme."

Raised up in small city close to Vienna, Alyssandra's passion for the stage and for the camera was already remarkable at an early age. 

She highlights the 2nd generation of migration - Born to an Austrian mother and Indian father.

Starting at the age of 6 years with ballet she soon switched to apparatus gymnastics. She was a child who was looking for challenging herself and with strong ambitions. She soon formed part of the ASKÖ national squad and later on of the UNION national squad.

Beside that she attended a high school specialized on sports and next to her A-levels she completed her training as a licensed fitness-coach.

Combining her passion for gymnastics and dance she often did public performances. At the age of 15 she walked her first fashionshow, marking her start of modelling. 

Beside her studies at the University of economics as well as at the principal University in Vienna, she joined her first model agencies. Later on she deepened her knowledge in business at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. During her stay  she completed a basic-acting diploma, followed by  various speaker and hosting diplomas back in Austria.

She is passionate about creating a scenery where people fascinated dive into. Creating moments that encourage to think critically. Heated debates, constructive discussions. Finally, creating moments that last for the eternity.

She is a young lady with a strong interest in social-economic issues, sustainability, innovations and technology related topics as a well as passion for arts, in particular dance, film and photography. 

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