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Aerial Silks

Spectacular acts at lofty heights that make the audience hold their breath. I love to take the guests with me and inspire them in my world of the unique Aerial Silks.

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Dancing is far more than just beautiful movements. It's the language of the heart, of the soul expressed by the body.

Since I was a little child, I've been at home in dance acrobatics, in front of the camera and on the show stage. I don't know anything like fear of heights. At heights of up to 10m I seem to dance weightlessly through the air and take the guests on a very special journey.

Live Performance

Enjoy a show that takes you into a world of elegance and breathtaking acrobatics.

Video- / photo recordings

I am happy to perform for your unique video and photo recordings. I have a large repertoire of poses and spectacular movements. As an experienced model and trained actress, I create the emotion you want.


I will be happy to work out and train with you beautiful and graceful exercises on and with the Aerial Silks. With me you are in good and safe hands: Aerial Silks Acrobatics is a spectacular sport where safety and health are top priorities. Therefore, we work on all exercises with precise preparation to get your body used to these new movements.

How long does a gig go?

Aerial Silks are a spectacular and powerful show act, which, depending on the requirements, can also be combined live with other artists such as fire artists and musicians. I would be happy to present a very individual solution for you. Your evening program will be an absolute highlight to match the music.

How much will it take?

Each show act is individually adapted to your event. The costs consist of the journey, the type of performances and the preparation time. I would be happy to send you an individual offer.

Location and security requirements

Certain conditions have to be met in order to guarantee the safety of both me as an artist and the audience. These are clarified jointly in advance and, if possible, on site.

The ceiling height for Aerial Silks should be at least 4.5m, ideally 10m. Resilient and well-fixed traverses with at least one ton of payload are required. I am happy to organize the trusses.


First-Aider: Certificate ASchG §26 2024, AStV §40 2024

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